5 Habits That Can Lead to Penis Shrinkage

Penis Shrinkage: Men always want to make their penis larger in size. But at times, they find themselves in such a situation where their penis size starts becoming shorter.

It mainly happens due to a few habits that they incorporate in their lives.

In such a situation, you would obviously be focused to make your penis size larger, here are a few habits that you better need to toss out to improve your sexual health.


Regular Work Outs

As per Cedars-Sinai Medical Center research, men who work out more often have drastically improved their erectile dysfunction problem. In other words, if you do a regular exercise, it will definitely help you improve your penis growth.

In case, you have a habit of working out occasionally, you basically improve the overall blood flow to your penis and also unclog the vessels.


Keep Your Teeth Clean

If you brush your teeth regularly, you won’t face bad breath problem at all. This is often related to the problem of erectile dysfunction which can also disrupt your sexual health at times.

It can also lead to the shrinkage of your penis size. As per a study conducted in 2022, presence of bacteria in your gum can harm blood vessels in your penis.


Eating unhealthy foods

Eating unhealthy or junk food regularly is likely to impact your penis size. As per a 2011 Harvard study, males who regularly consume processed foods high in trans fats (such as chips, chocolate, cakes, and processed foods) tend to produce worse quality of sperm as compared to those who eat healthy foods like whole grains, vegetables, and fish.



If you regularly smoke, it can lead to the problem of penis shrinkage due to blockage. For example, the harmful substances found in the cigarette smoke can swiftly harm your blood vessels which can lead to the problem of erectile dysfunction.

As smoking is also related to various cardiac problems, it can disrupt blood flow in many organs including penis.


Fruits & veggies

Fruits and veggies have antioxidants that help maintain a healthy penis size. Otherwise, it will lead to the problem of penis shrinkage.

All these natural substances found in fruits and vegetables are found quite effective in battling free radicals that often form in blood vessels.

As per a 2008 Texas A&M University study, eating watermelon can drastically help you get rid of penis shrinkage or erectile dysfunction problem mainly due to the presence of a compound citrulline-arginine.


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