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5 Ways to Beat Early Morning Stress

5 Ways to Beat Early Morning Stress

Early Morning Stress: It looks hard to wake up early in the morning. Even if you try to wake up, you feel a bit lazy. It’s because the amount of sleep you get looks always lesser and it feels to continue sleeping.

This is why you feel disoriented and groggy in the morning after your body recovers from sleep and your brain starts preparing for the day. You might have noticed some mornings are worse as compared to others.

Most often, you can’t seem to be beat the feeling of getting fatigued and fogginess all the day along. Now, the question is how to beat the early morning fatigue and make the most of your day. Please take a look at some of the ways to feel less fatigued and tired.


Fix Your sleep schedule

One reason why you occasionally feel tired and fatigued is when you don’t get enough sleep on a daily basis.

And so, if you are regularly going through the problem of feeling lazy, it means you are not getting enough sleep during nights.

In order to rectify, the issue, the National Sleep Foundation, US has give a few suggestions to regulate your sleep. They can be listed as:

  • First, try to get rid of any kind of distraction before you go to sleep. This may include distractions due to phone calls, television and more.
  • Make your room dark and cool to get a good sleep as it will help your body to wind down
  • Try to sleep at least 2 hours before your last meal. Also, try to avoid spicy and heavy meals before going to sleep
  • While going to bed, wake up at the same time on a daily basis. This way, it will help to regulate your circadian rhythm


Wake Up Yourself With Water

It also happens that you take improper water intake which can be the reason why you feel tired and fatigued during the day. The best way will be to keep a glass of water next to you.

Another way to wake up is by taking a bath with cold water. As per a study conducted in this regard, taking cold showers can really promote alertness in your mind. Doing this will not only help to wake up quickly but also helps maintain proper blood circulation


Stretch in Bed and Get Exercise

A study conducted by University of Georgia in 2008 showed that engaging yourself in some low intensity exercises can be the best possible remedies to get rid of laziness and fatigue.

The study showed people who practiced some low intensity exercises managed to get some great results.

Please note that exercising happens to be the best way to keep your body alert at all times.

You can make your schedule in such a way that you can plan going for a morning walk or doing some cardio exercises.

You can also go for some stretching exercises like side shuffles, star jumps, side bends, and drop squats.


Avoid Sugary Foods in Your Breakfast Until Noon

Another way to get rid of early morning fatigue is to avoid sugary foods in your breakfast until noon. This will help you get rid of going lethargy after you start taking foods rich in sugar.

When taking high sugar diet, it mainly triggers a glucose drop and will leave you feel weary.

As per a study published in the Nevada Journal of Public Health, it showed a direct relationship between early morning stress and carbohydrate intake. In order to keep a balance, go with a low carbohydrate diet.


Keep a Tab On Caffeine Intake

Try to avoid taking too much caffeine as it makes you feel disoriented and jittery. As you know, coffee impacts every individual differently. So, even if you feel alert after having coffee, try to reduce your intake.

Studies have shown that coffee has the power to regulate circadian rhythm of your body due to the presence of a chemical known as caffeine.


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