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90% Delhi Population Developed COVID-19 Antibodies: Sixth Serological Survey

COVID-19 Antibodies: As per a report submitted to the government on Wednesday, it’s been reported that 90% of Delhi population has developed antibodies against coronavirus.

It clearly means that Delhi is unlikely to witness just another wave of COVID-19 that destructed the masses in the month of May and April.

This is what a govt. official said, “However, we cannot say Delhi has achieved herd immunity despite such a high level of sero-prevalence.” Another idea emerged that pointed out the confusion about whether vaccination against Covid has a role to play in the high seropositivity rate in the capital.


COVID-19 Antibodies

The source said, “We have found COVID-19 Antibodies in more than 90% of the samples collected during the sixth round of the survey,” it said.


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It was on September 24 when the sample collection under the sixth sero-survey actually started.

During the survey, a total of 28,000 samples were taken from the entire 280 wards that included Cantonment Board wards and New Delhi Municipal Council wards in the capital.

The survey concluded with the findings that said that the seropositive rate was more than 85% in every district. It showed more women to be seropositive as compared to men.

The officials, however looked confused after they stated that they still don’t know if virus will still spread after a certain population of the capital has affected.

This is what he said, “We cannot say exactly if Delhi has achieved herd immunity because there are no studies or data to show that the virus won’t spread after a certain percentage of population is affected, the govt. official stated.

“However, the same variant of the virus (Delta) cannot lead to a major epidemic. So, we can say there won’t be another wave of coronavirus as big as the second one, until a new severe variant emerges,” the officer added.

Another thing is that the immunity which has been created will partly be effective against the new strain of coronavirus.

This is the first surveyed done after Delhi was hit badly by a 4th Covid wave in the months of April and May.

Similarly, the 5th round of this survey was conducted in the month of January that had shown almost 57% people in Delhi have developed COVID-19 Antibodies.

In the months of April and May, Delhi witnessed the devastation of second wave that claimed the lives of hundreds of people. Most of them died mainly because of the shortage of oxygen.

The capital also witnessed the corruption in the sale of life saving drugs to treat the symptoms of COVID-19 that also become the reason for so many number of causalities.

It was on April 20 when Delhi had reported over 28,0-00 cases that were highest in the city since the pandemic originally started. Again, on April 22, the case positivity rate remained almost 37% which is highest so far.


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