Active COVID-19 Cases In India Settle Below 3 Lakh

Active COVID-19 Cases: The daily trend of active COVID-19 cases were captured less than a lakh for up to 12 consecutive days.


India’s tally of coronavirus cases are currently declining. The data says it all. Out of a total number of 25,920 people testing positive for COVID-19 in infection in a single day, the country’s tally of total cases surged up to 4,27,80,235.

The data also states that the daily number of COVID cases continue to decline. And the above process has been going on for the last 12 days.

Due to the above trend in the active COVID cases, the government has decided to lift a number of restrictions.


Active COVID-19 Cases In India

The report submitted by health ministry says that the active cases further declined up to 2,92,092 comprising 0.68% of the total number of infections. Along with that the national COVID-19 recovery rate has also improved to 98.12%.

Considering all the above tally of the number of COVID cases, it has been affirmed that India has crossed the 20 lakh mark on August 7, 2020., 30 lakh on August 23 and so on.


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