Air Force Cadets With COVID Vaccine Refusal Won’t Be Commissioned

COVID Vaccine Refusal: The cases of COVID vaccine refusal are increasing in the country.

As per the new update, cadets at the US Air Force Academy are not going to be commissioned as military officers who refused to take the COVID vaccine. The only thing in such cases will happen is that they will graduate with their bachelor’s degrees.

It all happened a week ago when a fourth cadet refused to take COVID vaccine but later decided to get himself vaccinated. This is the reason why he’s going to graduate and become an Air Force Officer. (As per the AP News).

As far as the case of other 3 cadets are concerned, they won’t become officers until they go ahead and get themselves vaccinated for the coronavirus.


Air Force Cadets With COVID Vaccine Refusals Won’t Be Commissioned

Frank Kendall, who’s the Air Force secretary is expected to determine if they are required to reimburse the U.S. for education costs in place of their service.

As of now, US Air Force happens to be the only military service where the cadets are not being Commissioned without COVID vaccination.

On the other hand, all the millenary cadets at the West Point were not only graduated but also commissioned to become officers this weekend.

While The Naval Academy at Annapolis said that they have not deprived any cadet to becoming an officer without vaccine refusals.

In the meanwhile, the The Air Force graduation ceremony is to be held on Wednesday in Colorado. The Defence Secretary Lloyd Austin is going to be the speaker at the ceremony.

Overall, about 99% of active-duty service members in the Navy have received at least one COVID vaccine, followed by 98% of the Air Force, Army, and Marine Corps.

The latest report in the present case suggests that all the four cadets have already been informed about their COVID vaccine refusals. They have also been informed about the potential risks of their COVID vaccine refusals.

Across the entire military service, as many as four thousand active service members have already been discharged from the Army, Air Force and Marine Corps for their COVID vaccine refusals.

These are those cadets who not only refused to take vaccine but also didn’t take an exemption.


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