Ankle and Ankle Movements While Riding an Hoverboard

Ankle Movements: Are you facing issues while riding a hoverboard? As per a new engineering research, it has been found a simple device can help you to achieve it. And it’s all in your ankles.

The research says that you need to be confident about your ankle movements to start using devices sophisticated cameras and sensors attached to first-time riders of a hoverboard.

Please note that you first need to learn your ankle movements to ride. It’s mainly because these are the joints found closed to the board.

It’s been found that primates have been able to learn better with their hands and feet. In doing so, Central Nervous System (CNS) helps you to minimize your muscular effort.

The research says that people who learn the skills of ankle movements tend to perform better than others. It all happens when they are able to control their ankle motion by simply co-activating the muscles around them.


Ankle Movement & Management In A Hoverboard

If you look at a Hoverboard, it will have a motor and 2 wheels that are found connected by a platform. Now, riders who come along steer and balance with their feet considering the fact that some models are self-balancing.

The new research has been carried out in Canada, Japan, and the United Kingdom. It says new riders are wise enough to concentrate on their ankle movements. The study also emphasizes the use of CNS helps to use the best strategy.

Mohammad Shushtari and Arami, who’s the lead author at University of Waterloo, Canada, collaborated with engineers at NTT Communication Science Laboratories in Japan along with the Imperial College of Science, Technology and Medicine in the UK for conducting the above research.


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