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Are Basic Cuffs Recommended for Blood Pressure Monitoring at Home?

These days, people are more frequently using basic cuffs for blood pressure monitoring at home. Are they recommended to be used at home?

Please note that there are some basic deices that can display blood pressure while there are some high end devices exist that are connected to a mobile device via a Bluetooth. They have far more features as compared to basic cuffs.

The above study was conducted sometime back and has been published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine.

This is what the Mark J. Pletcher, MD, MPH, a UCSF professor of epidemiology and biostatistics has to say, “We think this study is important because it provides practical real-world answers for doctors and patients,” he said.

If unchecked for long, prolonged hypertension may lead to stroke and heart attack. The data says that almost half of patients are able to control it.

These days hundreds of patients are purchasing such monitoring devices that ranges between $25 to $100.


Get the Most Out of Home Blood Pressure Monitoring

As per the new study, researchers have specifically compared the results of such devices.

At present, the team of researchers tend to explore if technology can help medical experts to control hypertension.

One quick way to do so is smartwatch-style monitor which constantly tracks or monitors your blood pressure with no action needed of the wearer.

As per the finding in the study, doctors are keen to advice their patients to use whatever monitoring machine they wish to use.


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