As Monkeypox Cases Rise, Nations Are Urged to Examine Vaccine Stores

As monkeypox cases rise, the United States is known to have stocked hundreds of doses of two smallpox vaccines. They are also found effective handling monkeypox as well. But the current outbreak looks clustered in some other territories as well.




As Monkeypox cases rise in huge numbers across various countries, health experts have started rushing to the affected areas to assess the vaccine reserves. They are also looking forward to assess the treatment plan to contain the spread of this virus.

As of now, the report says that the US emergency stockpile holds as many as 2 vaccines that are approved by the FDA (Food and Drug Administration) that would work to contain the spread of monkeypox as well.

Although, the current stockpile has over 100 million doses of the original smallpox vaccine, there needs to be a plan ready to inoculate affected cases. The only problem that looks ahead is that the vaccine is associated with side side effects.

And so, it’s not being recommended to be given to some categories of people including those who are immuno-compromised.


As Monkeypox Cases Rise, Nations Are Urged to Examine Vaccine Stores

It was in the year 2019 when a newer vaccine named Jynneos was approved both for smallpox and monkeypox. This is what Dr. Jennifer McQuiston, a deputy director at the C.D.C says that over 1,000 doses are currently held in stockpile.

“We expect that level to ramp up very quickly in the coming weeks, as the company provides more doses to us,” she said. Doses have already been requested from the stockpile for inoculation of some high-risk contacts, she further added.

In spite of the above measures, the overall dimension of the measures being taken to handle the menace of monkeypox cases rise looks unclear. It’s mainly because the officials on Monday confirmed just one case in Massachusetts.

According to the health officials, the situation in overseas is currently looking more alarming. It’s mainly due to the fact that there are over 100 confirmed cases in more than 14 countries outside.

At the moment, WHO is busy holding stockpiles of about 31 million smallpox vaccine doses. But it looks like these vaccines might have lost some sort of potency as they were made decades ago.

The latest report says that the largest monkeypox clusters have been reported in Europe, mainly in Spain. Some experts even believe that monkeypox outbreak was first started here.

As per a news covered in the New York Times, Spanish officials are busy investigating as many as two potential sources including a Gay Pride event (May 5) and sauna in Madrid.

Most of the initial infection due to monkeypox virus were mainly reported among men who have sex with men. Due to this, other sections of the the society are prone to the dangers of the monkeypox cases rise.

For example, Britain has reported the cases of monkeypox in patients who have no known links to the country like West Africa just over a week after the event in the Canary Islands.

Please note that the monkeypox virus is endemic to countries like Central and West Africa. Due to this, continuing community transmission elsewhere looks highly unusual.

The authorities has so far procured over 2 million doses of an antiviral pill named tecovirimat. It’s already approved to treat smallpox in patients who become infected.


When Human Monkeypox Was First Discovered?

As per the report, human monkeypox was first discovered in the year 1970. It was found in a 9 year old boy from Democratic Republic of Congo. It’s the same country where smallpox has been eliminated.

And now, when smallpox has been eliminated, monkeypox cases in the country are on a surge, especially when smallpox vaccination drive was ended.

It happened again in the year 2003 when the US recorded loads of monkeypox cases rise. And that were specifically traced to infected pets.

Although, monkeypox was first discovered in the year 1958 in monkeys who were kept for the research purpose, it is usually spread through rodents.

Monkeypox Symptoms

After an exposure due to monkeypox or ovr a week, monkeypox symptoms start arising. And so, infected people start experiencing symptoms like body aches, fatigue , cough, sore throat, and fever.

They are also known to develop some kind of rash. It first develops on the face and later moves to other areas like palms, hands and the soles of the feet.

And finally all over the body. Sooner or later, the lesions start getting blister with growth. They also get filled with a white puslike substance.

As the monkeypox cases rise, infected people need to remain isolated at home. At the same time, they also need to abstain from any kind of sexual activity until all of their scabs dry and fall off.

This is what one CDC official had to say, “These are basic strategies that we use in responding to outbreaks all around the world, and they work,” he said.


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