Avian Flu Yukon: Two Wild Birds Test Positive In A First for the Yukon

Avian Flu Yukon: The Yukon has become the latest country to witness avian flu outbreak. The number of cases have reached to an alarming level.

The department of environment says that they have tested positive as many as 2 waterfowl carcasses for the H5N1 virus in the southern Yukon region.

Please note that avian flu happens to be a contagious disease. The known cases infected with this kind of flu are generally spread by migratory birds responsible to cause serious illness and even death in birds.

When such an outbreak of avian flu happens in bird, hundreds of birds start to die. The flu spreads like anything. And so, there needs to take immediate measures as soon as such cases are detected.


Avian Flu Yukon: Two Wild Birds Test Positive In A First for the Yukon

There are rare cases when the virus can get transmitted to humans and other mammals like dogs, cats and pigs. As the disease has already been detected in the country, it has killed hundreds of animals already.

This is what the department of health has to say, “Livestock farmers and Yukoners who own domestic birds need to protect their birds from this virus,” it said.

One recent comment from Yukon’s acting program veterinarian has come out in the public according to which it’s the first time avian flu has been able to spread its wings in the country.

Now, in order to be safe, there are certain guidelines that citizens need to follow. First of all, they need to check any smallest change in birds. And so, they need to thoroughly check for any symptoms in their birds.

Some of them include decreased egg production, lack of energy along with some kind of swelling around their neck or eyes.

“We are a vast territory so we don’t have super high density production like what happens in some major centers,” Magnusson said.

As per the press release of the government, if there is an outbreak of avian flu in the country, compensation will be given for the birds that are died.


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