Be Cautious for the Upcoming Allergic Season

Allergic Season: Although, spring allergies are quite common, they become crucial in the presence of COVID-19 pandemic and can make you trap with a surprise.

As per Mark Corbett, who’s the president of the American College of Allergy, Asthma and Immunology, people are still having COVID in their own minds.

Since most of you are not thinking about the upcoming allergic season, it can give you a surprise.

This is what he advised, “One of the most important tools for battling spring allergies is to get ahead of symptoms. Begin taking your allergy medications two to three weeks before your itching and sneezing normally start to occur. And be aware that, thanks to climate change, symptoms may appear even earlier than normal.” he said.

As spring allergies are common, they can both cause symptoms like headache, fatigue and cough.


Be Cautious for the Upcoming Allergic Season

Considering the presence of COVID-19 pandemic due to Omicron variant, it can cause some other symptoms like postnasal drainage, sneezing, runny nose, nasal congestion along with sinus infection. Most commonly, allergies can also cause fever.

If you are already tested positive with COVID-19 and won’t take precautions during the upcoming allergic season, you need to be more cautious and take appropriate precautions.

In doing so, it will be more crucial for you to know about your allergy triggers so that you can take extra precautions.

For best experience, you can open your doors in the morning to get a fresh cool breeze. But don’t do it if you are allergic to pollen as they might enter your home or car and make you sick.

It will be better to seek a doctor if you are allergic to any particular allergens. You can even think of getting some medicine in advance before the onset of allergic season.


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