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Bird Flu Detected Among Kitsap County Flock

Bird Flu Detected Among Kitsap County Flock

As per the recent update, bird flu has been detected in Kitsap country flock. The news was confirmed after a backyard flock was tested positive for the avian influenza (HPAI) which is known to be highly pathogenic. It was detected on June 29, 2022.

All the infected flock is known to have been infected with a disease called wild waterfowl which is famous to spread the virus even without showing the symptoms.

One reason to hav caused this is the change of season where wet and cold conditions developed recently lasted further into the year. And this has changed the migration pattern among birds. And this has made the Influenza virus to remain in the environment.

With the above data, Kitsap has become the latest country to join the list of countries with bird flu. Now, there is so much to do to protect all the uninfected flock. In order to do that suggestions are coming in from all directions.

s per the latest suggestions, on-farm sales along with poultry auctions need to be avoided for at least 30 days after the last Influenza case was detected. The data was unearthed by the Washington State Department of Agriculture.

Dr. Amber Itle, Washington state veterinarian said, “It’s devastating for owners and our veterinarian alike. A fair or exhibition could be a venue to spread the virus that could result in the death of all birds that attend the fair,”

She further stated, “Although it is disappointing, we need to continue to take enhanced steps to protect our domestic flocks as long as we continue to have HPAI detections in the state.” she said.

Kathy Parker, who’s the owner of Gold Mountain Turkeys stated that she was already warned by the state authorities that people should not be indulged in transferring of birds. And since then, she hadn’t sold any of her flock.

The best part is that she knows how to take care of her flock. And this is why she’s engaged in keeping them inside along with feeding them. She also tried to place water from the reach of other birds.

She’s alos not required to go near pond close to her own property where other fowl may visit.

So far, she didn’t find any symptom from the flock. But she now knows how to do all this and she can easily monitor them.

This is what Parker said, “It’s been a real problem for them because this is the time of year you want to move things out or get things in. It’s getting towards the end of breeding season for turkeys,” he said.

Now, if your flock shows symptoms like death or illness of multiple birds, you need to s imply call the WSDA’s Sick Bird Hotline. Birds that died need to be put in double bags and kept in a cool place.

Also, sick or dead birds need to be reported using the Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife’s online reporting tool.


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