Brazil Confirms First Monkeypox Case, Authorities to Confirm Patient’s Contact History

Brazil joined the list of countries where the cases of Monkeypox are being spotted. The first Monkeypox case was confirmed in Sao Paulo city.



It was on Thursday (June 9, 2022) when Brazil confirmed the first case of Monkeypox in the Sao Paulo city.

As per the information received, it was a 41 year old man who was confirmed with monkeypox. He was travelling to countries like Spain and Portugal. This is what the health secretariat of the city revealed in a statement issued.

After the confirmation, the patient was admitted to Emilio Ribas Public Hospital where he has been isolated. His contact history is currently being monitored to fetch more detail.

Another monkeypox case was confirmed in Sao Paulo region where a 26 year old woman. She has been admitted to the hospital for further monitoring and treatment.

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