Canada Authorizes First Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine

As per the latest Covid news, Canada has become the first country to authorize a plant based COVID-19 vaccine.


It will be a two dose vaccine as per Canadian regulators. They informed on Thursday about this vaccine according to which it can be given to people aged between 18 years to 64 years.

Currently, there is no data showing the vaccine to be given for those aged above 65 or above.

The decision by the Canadian government to authorize this plant based COVID-19 vaccine is based on a study on 24,000 people.

The results showed that the vaccine was 71% effective to prevent COVID. But the data emerged before the prevalence of Omicron variant. Some of the side effects of taking this vaccine include mild fatigue and fever.

Canada Authorizes First Plant-Based COVID-19 Vaccine

Medicago uses plants just as living factories that can be grown like virus like particles. The interesting thing is that it mimics spike protein that coats the coronavirus.

These particles are removed from the plant leaves and then purified. Before making the live plant based COVID-19 vaccine, another ingredient is added which is an immune boosting chemical known as adjuvant. It’s made by British partner GlaxoSmithKline.

Currently, hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines are being made and supplied. In spite of that there is a shortfall of such vaccines. In such a situation, it will be beneficial for all to get more of them by other independent contenders.

As per the latest Health news, Quebec City-based Medicago is known to have been developing plant-based vaccines against some other diseases.


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