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CDC Issues New Monkeypox Alert for Travelling

Monkeypox Alert: Looking at the rising number of cases of monkeypox, CDC (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) has issued a new Monkeypox alert in the country. The alert has been issued in the form of a travel advisory.

The Monkeypox incidences, according to CDC is a Level 2 concern. It means that Americans need to take extra precautions while travelling. But in no case, they need to cancel their trips.

One of the infectious disease specialists Monica said that most people are on low risk factor on the start of the week (Monday) as researches have analyzed that the disease is caused due to prolonged intimate contact. And so, the disease doesn’t spread instantly.


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CDC Issues New Monkeypox Alert for Travelling

It also means that it spreads from close skin to skin contact. The disease can also spread due to close respiratory contact that generally happens at the time of having sex. She stated that Monkeypox is not an airborne disease as it needs loads of contact to spread.

As the disease has to get some prolonged contact in any way, it can’t be spread within no time.

According to the data shared by W.H.O (World Health Organization), the disease is slowly spreading across the entire Europe where as many as 77 new cases of monkeypox has been recently confirmed. Likewise, the US has reported up to 30 cases.

In addition with the above, CDC also recommends to wear mask all the time, especially while moving out from your homes.

Monkeypox symptoms include distinctive rash, swollen lymph nodes and fever. There can be some more symptoms as well.

Although, there is a vaccine developed which is meant to contain smallpox virus. But it can also be given in cases of monkeypox as well.

As of now, vaccine needs to be given to those who have come in close contact with infected persons.

Otherwise, there is no need for vaccine for general people. All they need is to wear mask and take other precautions.


67 Monkeypox Cases Found In Nine EU Countries Over Last Week – ECDC



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