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COVID-19 Cases: Where Does the US Stands With Covid-19 Until Now?

COVID-19 Cases: Where Does the US Stands With Covid-19 Until Now?

COVID-19 Cases: The entire world including the US has witnessed the pandemic in the past. Due to this many countries including the US has marked a national emergency.

In the last few months, especially after the onset of the 2nd wave of the coronavirus, there was a possibility of a third wave too. And now, it looks like the virus is still running rampant with as many number of cases, deaths and hospitalization.

In the presence of a global pandemic, the country is looking forward to get a much needed respite from the Delta variant of the virus. Even when the half of the US population has been vaccinated so far, cases have started piling up in the recent past.

Justin Lessler, an epidemiology professor at the University of North Carolina Chapel Hill thinks that the next few weeks are going to be bumpy. But things may start improving after a span of 3-4 months.

“The virus is going to continue to evolve, but as we continue to accumulate immunity, each wave will be a less bad than this,” Lessler said. “I remain convinced that the virus will change from a great scourge to an annoyance — a persistent annoyance — but it could take a long time to get there and there may be a few bumps in the road before we do.”

Take a look at where the United States stands with Covid-19 now:

COVID-19 Cases: The virus is now a regional problem, doctor says

As per the data collected by Johns Hopkins University, the country has over 39 million COVID-19 fresh cases and 600,000 deaths.

Out of these number of COVID-19 Cases, most of them are contributed by five states including North Carolina, Georgia, California, Texas and Florida. Out of these Texas and Florida alone account for one third of all the causalities in the last week.

“We’ve driven the virus from a systemic problem to a regional problem,” said Dr. Amesh A. Adalja of Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security.

Adalja further stated that COVID will be there in its post pandemic form but it won’t make a hospital throw into crisis at any point of time.

“That’s the trajectory that we’re on — and that we have achieved in some states — but certainly not the South,” he said. “It sounds dismal if you live in those states, but that’s success in (the other) states.”

Cases are being driven down by vaccinations

As per the data provided by CNN, close to 370 million doses of COVID-19 vaccination have already been administered across the country on Tuesday.

Out of the above, close to 9 lakh doses are being administered each day and 426,311 people are getting their first dose of vaccination. Talking about booster shot, almost 996,000 people have received their 3rd dose.

“We are already getting the benefit of community immunity,” Lessler said. “It’s not an absolute number but a continuum. We will turn the corner when we reach a critical threshold of immunity and that’s when cases will start to go down — we always get there, either the virus or the vaccine gets us there. But that (community immunity) is still what is going to get this under control.”

The current Covid-19 crisis is saying a lot in a number of ways. There is still more to do in terms of achieving 100% vaccination to curb the coronavirus. At present the number of cases in the United States are averaging close to 159,000 on a daily basis.

The average deaths in the country has been reported to be 1,329. In terms of the hospitalization, the 7 day figure where the US stands comes around 100,057.

“There are still a lot of people out there who are susceptible. That’s one reason why this has been so bad,” Lessler said. “Yes, we have a lot of immunity, and yes, we’re in a better place than we were, but there are still huge pockets of susceptible people and those people cluster together. They interact.”

Children are now infected at higher rates

The present situation in the USA due to the new  Delta variant virus is that more kids are being reported to have been hospitalized with the number of more COVID-19 Cases.

As per the data collected in this regard, the country seems to have again inching closer to Covid-19 crisis with an average of 330 children between August 29 and August 26 were admitted to hospitals each day.

Currently, the hospitalization can tell you the real picture and show how the new Delta variant is capable of affecting any age group.

“It’s just so easily transmitted from person to person,” said Dr. Mark Kline, physician-in-chief of Children’s Hospital New Orleans. As of August 9, “half of the children that we’ve admitted have been under the age of 2,” he said.

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