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COVID-19 Deaths: One Lakh More COVID-19 Deaths Projected for US in 2021

COVID-19 Deaths: As per the inputs received from The Associated Press, US is projected to add as many as 1lakh more COVID-19 deaths in 2021.

Contrary to this, some eminent health experts from the country believe that this number can also be made to cut in half if more strict protocols are implemented like wearing masks in public.

This is what the director of University of Texas, Lauren Ancel Meyers stated, “Behavior is really going to determine if, when and how sustainably the current wave subsides,”. She was referring to the new COVID-19 modeling.

“We cannot stop Delta in its tracks, but we can change our behavior overnight,” she added.

The country is currently witnessing a spike in the COVID-19 cases due to a new Delta variant that has so far increased the number of hospitalization and causalities. The number daily deaths due to COVID-19 have gone far by 1,000 each day. The figures match the numbers recorded in March earlier this year.

If the new forecast is to be believed, as many as 98,000 Americans are expected to lose their lives from COVID-19 by the start of December. The above data was collected from the University of Washington’s Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation. Now, if this happens, the US will have to register an overall death toll of 73,000 due to COVID-19.

As per the current projection, the average number of daily causalities is expected to rise up to 1,400 by mid-September. However, it will slowly decline. And that too depends on the people’s behavior.

“We can save 50,000 lives simply by wearing masks,” this is what Ali Mokdad who’s an eminent professor of health metrics sciences reciprocated.

There are places like schools where wearing masks are being implemented. At the same time people are also coming forward to get themselves vaccinated against the coronavirus. In the meanwhile, the surge of new COVID-19 variant is looking to slow down in states like Mississippi, Louisiana, Florida and Arkansas due to more people taking their first shot of vaccination.

On the other hand, infections too are on the rise, especially in states like Wyoming, West Virginia, Tennessee, South Carolina, Kentucky and Georgia.

And this is what Mokdad added, “If we behave, we can contain this virus,”  “If we don’t behave, this virus is waiting for us.” he said.


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