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Covid-19 Update: Switzerland to Help India By Delivering Medical Supplies


Covid-19 Update: The 2nd wave of Covid-19 has devastated India. Nobody would have expected this kind of damage to the country with the number of affected cases continue to surge at an exponential rate.

Looking at the overall condition in India, many countries including the US and Switzerland have come forward to help by delivering medical supplies to the country.

India is currently facing acute shortage of oxygen to help people stable their respiratory issues.

As per the data available, India has already registered 360,960 new Covid-19 cases with the tally reaching to an ever mounting figure of 17,997,267.

With the number of covid-19 cases continue to keep surging, India’s tally of such cases has reached up to 17,997,267 cases. This as confirmed by the ministry of Health and Family Welfare (MoHFW) on Wednesday morning.

As per the Covid-19 update, the country has seen fresh 360,960 covid-19 cases that has lead to 3,293 related causalities in the last 24 hours.

By the above data and figures, it’s quite evident that India has been undergoing the worst time related to the covid-19 second wave that has done so much of damage in the last 15 days or more.

Today, India’s tally of Covid-19 cases has become the 2nd highest globally after the US. Out of them Brazil comes at number third position. However, in terms of the death toll, India comes at number fourth position and is just behind countries like United States, Brazil and Mexico.


As per an initiative by the Indian government, a nation wide vaccination drive had to be started. But it looks like some more time will be needed to set everything at the right position. In the 3rd phase of vaccination (to begin from May 1), all those of 18 years or above age will be vaccinated against covid-19.

India’s vaccination drive happens to be the largest so far. It started from January 16, 2021. With the death toll in India keep rising, many countries like the US, Singapore, Japan, France and others have started supplying medicines and other equipment.


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