Covid Survivors At Increased Risk to Develop Depression: Study

Those who have come out of covid and believe that everything is fine are wrong. It’s because due to the aftereffects of Covid. To be precise, several Covid survivors have been found to have increased symptoms of depression.

As per a study conducted in regards, many covid survivors were found to have been suffering from one or more depression forms.

The study says that those who managed to survive due to Covid are 40% more likely to develop symptoms of depression. Such people may also suffer from lack of sleeping.

In the same way, survivors are also found to have 20% chance to abuse substances within a year of catching covid.

Covid Survivors At Increased Risk to Develop Depression

Such people in the long run may also develop suicidal thoughts. The study says up to 46% people have a chance to build suicidal thoughts.

The study was originally conducted by a team of researches from St Louis University. They observed as many as 150,000 people who were military veterans. They were compared with those veterans who are safe and were not infected till date.

As the study was observational, it was published in British Medical Journal (BMJ). There was no direct cause mentioned in the study as why most covid survivors are getting depression symptoms.


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