Covid-Vaccinated Moms Attain Strong Protection for Their Babies Born: US Study

covid vaccinated moms

Covid vaccinated Moms: As per a new study conducted on Covid vaccinated moms during their pregnancies, the babies born to them were 60% less likely to be hospitalized with severe covid conditions. The study was conducted by US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

For now, such effects are going hypothesized that said it happened after antibodies transferred through their placenta at the time of their pregnancies’. The antibodies also got transferred through their breast milk as well.


Covid-Vaccinated Moms Attain Strong Protection for Their Babies

The study was carried out by CDC that involved as many as 379 babies aged up to 6 months. They were hospitalized in 20 covid centers between July 2021 to January 2022.

The study was thoroughly conducted among covid vaccinated moms who had their babies hospitalize with the infection (176 infants) as compared to babies who were hospitalized due to non covid symptoms.


This is what CDC researcher Dana Meaney-Delman said, “Babies less than six months old whose mothers were vaccinated were 61 percent less likely to be hospitalized with Covid-19,” he said.

“The bottom line is that maternal vaccination is a really important way to help protect these young infants,” he said.

The final outcome said that it was necessary for people to get themselves vaccinated at any stage of their pregnancies’ to protect both the baby and the mother.

“If we have a woman who comes in in the first trimester and is vaccinated she can actually be eligible for a booster vaccine later in pregnancy,” she said. She also stated that it will be premature for the agency to recommend booster doses for pregnant ladies.


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