Deep Brain Stimulation Can Prove Life Changer for Movement Disorders Caused By Parkinson’s’

Parkinson’s’ is a rare disorder that attacks a person’s nervous system. It is a mental disorder which is often difficult to treat.

But like we have got many breakthroughs in medical science, researchers analyze different treatment options from time to time to help patients lead a better life.

As per the latest health news, deep brain stimulation has now become a new hope for sufferers as the technique helps patients regain hope and confidence in their lives.


Deep Brain Stimulation Can Prove Life Changer for Movement Disorders Caused By Parkinson’s’

Dr. Ravi Gopal, Global Centre for Excellence in Neurosciences, Bengaluru, Director has performed as many as 300 deep brain stimulation treatments so far.

He says such a treatment gives a new lease of life for patients suffering from different movement disorders mainly caused due to epiiipsy and Parkinson’s disease.

During an interaction, Dr. Ravi Gopal stated that the very first line of defence for epilepsy and Parkinson’s disease is medication. He also said that there are some cases where side effects of drugs are found to to be worse as compared to the disease itself.

This is what he said, “The need for DBS arises in such cases. As part of DBS treatment, surgery is performed to implant electrodes and regulate abnormal impulses using a pacemaker like device placed in the chest area,” he said.

In the research, the results were found to be remarkable. It’s because it was found that deep brain stimulation helps to build hope and confidence in life.

He also talked about the risk of DBS surgery which is less than 5%. He further added that over 70% people in India currently suffer from Parkinson’s disease.


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