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Does Excessive Alcohol Consumption Alters Gut Microbes?

Excessive alcohol consumption can harm your body in many ways. In this article, we are going to focus on how this habit of consuming excessive alcohol can harm your gut microbes.

According to a new study published in Nature Communications, it has been revealed that gut microbiota present in your stomach are reprogrammed due to the production of acetate by the liver.

Once it happens, it starts diffusing it back into the intestines where it actually becomes the source of carbon to support bacterial growth.


Excessive Alcohol Consumption Produces Harmful Effects

Please note that excessive consumption of alcohol may trigger bacterial overgrowth in you gut.

But recent studies conducted in mice have confirmed that the above imbalance doesn’t play a major role in causing alcoholic liver disease risk.

You can relate it with the fact of dumping fertilizer in a garden, as stated by the lead author of the study Karsten Zengler, PhD, professor in the departments of Pediatrics.

The result is no less than an explosion of an imbalanced biological growth that may benefit some species but not all.

Above and all, the role of acetate is not hidden. It’s a nutrient used to regulate cellular metabolism. It also plays a similar role in immune response, energy expenditure, and appetite regulation as well.

At moderate levels, the role of acetate in the body is to promote the overall health of your body. But if the acetate concentration forms at excessive levels, it may become the cause of development of some metabolic changes that are linked to certain diseases.

This is what the authors have to say, The authors said the findings are important because they move the investigation past whether “changes in the gut microbiome are related to ethanol consumption per se are critical … and towards identifying bacteria that are causal for deleterious effects of alcohol consumption, rather than side-effects either of consumption or disease.” they said.


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