Dr. Anthony Fauci Says Time to Take Monkeypox Seriously After Cases Spread In Majority of US States

People should be aware that monkeypox is still there. It’s quite evident by the fact that more cases are being reported from different states in the US.

As monkeypox cases are piling up in the country, Dr. Anthony Fauci has said that people need to become more serious about this contagious disease which is spreading like anything.

Fauci is the director of National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases. He’s also one of America’s top infectious disease experts.

On Saturday, he told CNN that looking at the number of cases, we need to take monkeypox more seriously now.

This is what he said, “We don’t know the scope and the potential of it yet, but we have to act like it will have the capability of spreading much more widely than it’s spreading right now,” he said.

In the COVID times, his warning proved a lot to the sufferings of people. But the Trump administration didn’t bother to look at them until it spread so miserably that it became quite difficult to confront.

As per the latest update from CDC, monkeypox has now been detected in as many as 44 US states and territories. The majority of cases are currently found in Florida, California, and New York.

The data released on Friday shows that up to 1815 confirmed cases are there in the US. Reacting on the above figures, Fauci told CNN that those numbers are likely an undercount.

As per the CDC director Dr. Rochelle Walensky, monkeypox cases are likely to increase in the upcoming months of July and August. It’s mainly because of 3 week incubation period that it takes for the disease to spot early.

Fauci revealed that monkeyppox testing has been ramped up with 5 testing labs to come online very soon.

This is what Dr. Anthony Fauci said, “Whenever you have the emergence of something like this, you are always probably looking at what might be – might be, we don’t know – the tip of the iceberg, so that’s the reason why we’ve got to get the testing out there in a much, much more vigorous way,” he said.

Please note that there are high chances that monekypox can spread from one person to another through close contact.

The most common symptoms of monkeypox include a skin rash, backache, and fever. Also, the infection can last between 2 to 4 weeks.

The first symptom of monkeypox includes skin rash that first appears with red, flat bumps on the face. It then spreads elsewhere on the body which finally takes the shape of a pus-filled blisters that eventually crust over and fall off.

A person who caught with monkeypox told that it was one of his most miserable and painful experiences of his life.

Currently, there is a vaccine recommended for monekypox named Jynneos.

But as per a news published in The New York Times, the demand for this vaccine is currently exceeding supply.

The data says the US has ordered over 7 million doses, but most of them are not expected to arrive in months.


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