Drinking Too Much Milk May Trigger Prostate Cancer Risk

Prostate Cancer Risk: Do you think drinking too much milk can lead to any kind of abnormality or disease?

In general terms, we can’t even consider the above fact that it can become the reason of a dreaded disease like prostrate cancer. But a recent study reveals the same.

According to the study, people who are in a tendency of consuming a bit higher amount of dairy products like milk are prone to develop prostrate cancer risk. The above study was conducted at Loma Linda University Health.

When a team of researchers decided to find some relevant facts, they found absolutely no association between the intake of non-dairy items and prostrate cancer risk.

The study further suggested that not calcium but some other substances present in dairy products can lead to the risk of prostate cancer.

Gary Fraser (MBChB, PhD), who led his team to conduct the above research hinted about some evidence suggesting the role of dairy products (unlike non-dairy calcium) playing a crucial role of becoming a risk factor for the development of prostate cancer.

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What’s the Association Between Dairy Products and Prostate Cancer?

According to the results revealed after a study was conducted in this regard, men who consumed an excess of 400 grams of dairy products per day amounting 1¾ cups of milk had to face almost 25% risk of developing prostate cancer.

The study also revealed men who consumed almost 430 grams of dairy products per day developed more serious prostate cancer risk as compared to those who had zero intake of dairy products in their diets.

The researcher also noticed that overall results had only slight variation when it compared the intake of full fat to non fat milk products. On the other hand there were no such implications found with yogurt and cheese.

The above study was published in the journal titled American Journal of Clinical Nutrition under their published study “Dairy foods, calcium intakes, and risk of incident prostate cancer in Adventist Health Study-2”.

The above study basically comprised the dietary evaluation of as many as 28,000 North Americans who consumed a variation of calcium and dairy products. All these people were free from any type of cancer.

Researchers then decided to use cancer state registries mainly to have a secure follow up on the participants’ prostate cancer status for over a period of 8 years. By this time, it reported up to 1,250 new prostate cancer cases.

During the course of their study, Fraser stated that they simply separated all the dairy food intake with non-dairy products like fortified cereals, fruits, legumes, green vegetables, and more.

He further stated that results of the trial never showed a uniform rise to have a risk in those men who consumed more dairy products. It means the intake of 50-gram dairy increments never yield the same risk.


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