Early Mesothelioma Diagnosis Can Be Achieved Through Innovative Blood Test

Early Mesothelioma Diagnosis: Mesothelioma is a dangerous disease that mainly appears after a person gets exposed to asbestos or related products.

Although, the disease may appear after years of exposure, it becomes really tough to treat due to its aggressive nature.

Not just mesothelioma, but all such dangerous diseases can be handled at any point of time if the patient comes in early.

It’s because early diagnosis generally leads to somewhat more effective treatment and longer survival.

As we just stated above, symptoms of mesothelioma don’t surface until the tumors are well established. Once the disease reaches in more advanced stages, it become difficult for the doctors to treat it.


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Multi-Cancer Early Detection Blood Test: A New Hope for Mesothelioma Patients

As per an article published on mesothelioma.net, such a test can prove effective remarkably effective at identifying the presence of cancer.

In general terms it’s still not clear that such Galleri blood test detects malignant mesothelioma.

But physicians who are treating patients for the asbestos-related disease are quite hopeful that it will benefit in some way or the other.

The above test was primarily conducted after 3,500-patient study conducted at the Cleveland Clinic that found it to be remarkably effective at identifying the presence of cancer.

As per a press release earlier by Grail, the test can not only be effective but also has the capacity to detect over 50 types of cancer by taking a small blood sample.

The test works by checking changes in DNA that clearly signals the present of cancer and it further locates where it actually resides.


Physicians Hope Blood Test to Do Wonders for Mesothelioma Patients

Although, Cleveland Clinic study didn’t perform any sort of research on mesothelioma patients for an early mesothelioma diagnosis, the research can still be accurate for most other cancer tests.

It can be hoped so as there are no other screening tests available for many types of cancers. It was also found that more advanced the cancer’s stage, the greater the test’s accuracy.

This is what Cleveland Clinic physician Dr. Eric Klein said, “Finding cancer early, when treatment is more likely to be successful, is one of the most significant opportunities we have to reduce the burden of cancer. These data suggest that, if used alongside existing screening tests, the multi-cancer detection test could have a profound impact on how cancer is detected and, ultimately, on public health.” he said.


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