EU Signs Deal With Bavarian Nordic for Over 1 Lakh Monkeypox Vaccines

The present Monkeypox outbreak is really becoming a pain after COVID pandemic. The European Union (EU) has now signed a deal with Bavarian Nordic for an immediate supply of around ten thousand doses of monkeypox vaccines. This is what the information was conveyed by the company and the EU Commission.

As per the current information, the vaccines are to be brought using EU funds and will be handed over to EU health commissioner. The authorities will distribute the doses in proportions to people. They will start the campaign from states that are in urgent needs.

As per the company’s official statement, the deliveries of vaccines is likely to commence immediately and is expected to be completed in the next few months.

If you look at the present monkeypox situation, as many as 900 cases have been registered in 19 EU countries including Iceland and Norway. Both these states will also get these vaccines in spite of not being the EU members.

As of now, Danish biotech Bavarian Nordic’s vaccine, Imvanex and Jynneos in the United States has already been approved against smallpox.

But the EU Commission stated that vaccine has not been authorized in the EU against monkeypox.

According to the commission, smallpox vaccine can handle the monkeypox virus as they are closely related.

Currently, the EU drug regulator is conversation with the company Bavarian Nordic to have a quick approval of the vaccine against the alarming rise of monkeypox.


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