Exercise And Healthy Diet Can Help You Live Longer, Study

Exercise and Healthy Diet

Do you want to stay healthy and fit? If yes, then you require exercise and healthy diet to maintain your good health.

In a recent study, scientists have shown that exercise and healthy diet can greatly help boost your health. And so, you need both of them to stay healthy.

How Vigorous Exercise Contribute to Good Health?

In order to stay healthy, a combination of exercise and healthy diet is necessary. Currently these two factors are well established to keep your good health at all time as long as you take care of them.

Those who wish to know how vigorous exercise can affect good health have been shown to give you some great health benefits. So, exercises like quick walking, mountain biking, and running are known to convey unique health benefits.

In order to know more deeply how it works, you can calculate your own MET numbers.

For example, if you know how many calories you are burning per hour, you can quickly divide it with your weight in kilograms to finally get your activity’s MET value.

Please note that such calories estimate that are available online are only estimates, especially if they don’t include your own body weight.

What the New Study Says?

The new study conducted in this regard states that eating good diet but remaining inactive may help lower your risk of dying from a few cancers up to certain degrees. But it has no relation for cardiovascular disease mortality rates.

Researchers have also observed that people who exercise regularly and also take healthy diet reduced their risk of dying from certain causes or medical ailments including cardiovascular disease or some other types of cancers.

In the recent past, there was a debate stating if healthy diet or exercising is more crucial for longevity. A new study in this regard from the University of Sydney, Australia provided the answer.

As per the result in the above study, people who engaged in regular exercise and took a healthy diet had somewhat lower mortality risks.

If you think one can exercise away your poor dietary choices, you need to think twice.

This is what Michelle Routhenstein, cardiology dietician The study is published in BMJ Sports Medicine said, “The study results are no surprise to me. Many people have come to see me in my private practice after suffering a heart attack when training for their fourth or fifth marathon, or right after doing a CrossFit exercise.”

“When I do a comprehensive evaluation of their lifestyle, it is apparent that they thought their intense daily exercise regimen would make up for their poor, unbalanced diet, and it simply doesn’t.” he concluded.


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Source: Lifespan.io