Fentanyl Overdose: Alaska Reported to Fight Fentanyl Deaths With Stronger Overdose Kits

fentanyl overdose

Fentanyl Overdose cases have come forth in Alaska and the state has to take extra measures to deal with the current surge in deaths due to fentanyl overdose.

fentanyl is basically a synthetic opiate mainly used as pain medication. It’s also employed to be used with some other medications for anesthesia. Due to the overdose of this fentanyl, the state condition has become so deadly that they have changed one of the tools to fight them.

It all happened when Naloxone used as an overdose reversing drug in opioid emergency kits which are distributed by the state to selected places including Juneau’s homeless shelter and Glory Hall.

The situation has been such that the shelter was actually short on what most people usually call Narcan kits — Narcan to be the brand for naloxone for the last several weeks.

It all happened last Friday when shelter received a huge supply with new kits. The freshly transported shipment didn’t have Narcan and was full of a new brand named Kloxxado having twice as much naloxone in each dose. The shipment had almost 50 kits which amounts to 100 doses of naloxone. And probably this caused fentanyl overdose and also a surge in causalities.

Vronan who unzipped one such kit stated, “It comes with two, so it’s like four of the old ones which is good because it is taking more than one for people, you know.” he said.


Fentanyl Overdose: Alaska Reported to Fight Fentanyl Deaths With Stronger Overdose Kits

It’s also being stated that if you have not come across naloxone before, it mainly looks like energy spray that eventually goes up your nose. And so, instead of reducing sinus inflammation, it straightaway reverses or blocks the effect of opioids.

Vroman says that it will bring a lot to help people come back from the instances of Fentanyl overdose. He can clearly see the effects at the Shelter.

“I’ve worked with Glory Hall for two and a half years, and in the last year, I’ve seen 300% more overdoses,” Vroman said. “None of them deadly, thank God. But yeah, just a lot more overdoses.” he said.

Please know that Fentanyl is far more deadly as compared to Heroin as it’s a bit stronger and can even precipitate an overdose in lesser amounts as well.

The above drug exists due to the fact that there are a few medical applications for fentanyl where even those tiny doses are precisely monitored. But it can become the cause of danger, especially where there is no oversight.

Karol Fink, who belongs to the chronic disease prevention department of the state oversees the state’s supply of free naloxone through a program called Project HOPE.


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