First Monkeypox Case In A Child Confirmed In Germany

Monkeypox in Germany: The cases of continue to surge. This time, the report says a 4 year old girl from Germany has become infected with monkeypox. With that, the country has got the first case of monkeypox in a child.

As per the data available from RKI, the child currently lives with as many as 2 infected adults has found no symptoms when tested for the disease.

It all happened when the little child was examined by a medical expert after a swab was taken from her throat.


Monkeypox in Portugal

As per the report, the child was not in touch with anyone outside her household.

Just like the above, monkeypox in Portugal has also been confirmed lately by the government authorities.

The news comes right after RKI became aware of the very first infections among teens aged between 15-17 years.

As per the known fact, monkeypox is spread mainly due to close contact which is actually required for the transmission of the virus. Also, the transmission occurs in the context.


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