Fourth Monkeypox Case Confirmed In Massachusetts

Monkeypox in Massachusetts: As per the latest Health News, Massachusetts health officials have confirmed a fourth monkeypox case in the state.

The report says that initial testing has already been completed and will soon be followed by confirmatory testing at the CDC.

If you look at the current tally, as many as 65 cases of monkeypox have been confirmed in the United States this year. It was on May 18; the first case in the state was confirmed.  

Although, the numbers of confirmed monkeypox cases are rising steadily in the country, there are no deaths reported globally. Health experts say that those who are found infected with the virus are recovering within 2-4 weeks.


Take a look below how monkeypox can spread:

  • Direct contact with an infected person which can be a skin-to-skin contact, lesions, sexual/intimate contact like kissing
  • Living and sharing a bed with someone along with sharing towels and unwashed clothing
  • Passing respiratory secretions that can happen through face to face interaction, especially with those who are already infected with monkeypox virus
  • Monekypox doesn’t spread through touching items while going to a grocery shop or casual conversations

Dr. Catherine Brown, who’s a renowned state epidemiologist, says that even though the cases of monkeypox are not spreading at an alarming rate people are urged to be vigilant regarding their own health.

She said if anybody has symptoms like a kind of rash, the best you can do is to avoid a prolonged physical contact with anyone. Also see a doctor immediately in such cases.

There are some other ways to reduce the risk of monkeypox which include:

Simply avoid large gatherings like dance and rave parties where you generally have close body contacts with people

Before going with your partner, ask him about his family history and check if anyone has symptoms of monkeypox in his family

Grab all the relevant information about monkeypox by visiting websites like CDC and DPH


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