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Heart Disease Risk Soars After COVID, Even With A Mild Case

Studies show that the heart disease risk including heart stroke and attack increases after a SARS-CoV-2 infection.

If you were recently diagnosed with COVID, you might be having an increased risk of attracting cardiovascular diseases like heart stroke and attack. This is what the new study shows.

The studies also affirm to the point that rates of developing such cardiovascular diseases are likely to soar if a person had COVID as compared to others who never contracted the coronavirus infection.

The risk of developing heart diseases was found to be elevated for those who are under 65 years of age and lacked general risk factors like obesity or diabetes.

Ziyad Al-Aly at Washington University in St. Louis, Missouri who’s the co-author of the study conducted says, “It doesn’t matter if you are young or old, it doesn’t matter if you smoked, or you didn’t.”

The above research was conducted by Al-Aly and his colleagues. It was based on a health record database that was curated by the United States Department of Veterans Affairs (USDVA). After getting the entire data, the researchers compared over 150,000 veterans who managed to survive after contracting COVID-19 with as many as 2 groups of unaffected people.

Heart Disease Risk After COVID-19

The data says people who managed to recover from COVID-19 were found to have somewhat higher risk of developing as many as 20 cardiovascular problems over the year right after having an infection.

The data analyzed in this regard further states that such people were 52% more likely to have had a heart stroke as compared to the contemporary control group.

The studies conducted in majority of people affected by COVID-19 in the recent past state that the risk of heart failure soared by 72%. Not only that, hospitalization also became a factor under consideration for the likelihood of future cardiovascular complications.

Hossein Ardehali, who’s a cardiologist at Northwestern University in Chicago, Illinois says, “I am actually surprised by these findings that cardiovascular complications of COVID can last so long.”

He further added, “it is important that those who are not vaccinated get their vaccine immediately”. He concluded.


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