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Hormone Therapy Can Play A Major Role to Treat Loss of Motion & Shoulder Pain In Menopause

Hormone Therapy: A woman has to go through a lot of changes after she attains her mesopause state. Out of several problems, one is shoulder pain and loss or difficulty in motion.

As you might be aware that women at menopause often have to deal with sudden pain and loss of range of motion.

It’s often described by the term adhesive capsulitis. The condition is mostly seen in women aged between 40 to 60 years of age.

Well, there are some other associated conditions related to menopause including thyroid dysfunction, breast cancer treatment, and diabetes.

In most cases, steroid treatment can help if detected early. But there has been no known preventive measures for adhesive capsulitis.

It’s because there was not much research carried out in this direction. But as per a latest research by North American Menopause Society Annual Meeting (NAMS), it was found that hormone therapy can be used to prevent it.


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Hormone Therapy Can Play A Major Role Treating Menopause Related Issues

Further research in this regard suggests that estrogen hormone may play a vital role in dealing with the condition. It’s mainly because menopause is accompanied by loss of estrogen.

At the same time it occurs almost at the same age as adhesive capsulitis (40-60 years).

This is the reason why researchers carried out hormone therapy to check if it works in such conditions. In their study, they included 2000 women.

The result of the study clearly stated that women who were not given any hormone therapy showed somewhat greater occurrences of adhesive capsulitis.

According to investigators, there is more work to be done to back up the above findings.

This is what Stephanie Faubion, MD, MBA, NAMS medical director has to say, “Hormone therapy has already been proven to effectively manage many other symptoms that accompany the menopause transition,” she said.

“This study suggests that there may be an additional benefit in its ability to protect women at menopause against adhesive capsulitis. More research is needed in this area because the disorder can significantly affect a woman’s range of motion and overall quality of life.” she concluded.


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