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How Nordic Walking Improves Quality of Life, Functional Capacity & Depression?

Before we let you know about anything, you first need to know what is Nordic walking. Please note that Nordic walking is also termed as pole walking where a person needs to apply more effort to the poles through each steps of walking as compared to the conventional walking.

As conventional walking is mainly seen with some percentage of increase in in heart rate at the time of walking at a given speed.

Now, when compared to walking without poles, the art of Nordic walking is likely to improve the overall energy consumption by 40%.

As per a study published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology, it has been shown that Nordic walking is better as compared to other types of walking exercises, especially as a means of cardiovascular rehabilitation. It has been shown that this kind of walking helps improve long-term functional capacity.



The research says that Nordic walking in patients having issues like coronary heart diseases resulted in somewhat greater improvement in their functional capacity.

It means patients who adopted this kind of exercise helped them to improve their day-to-day activities.

The study conducted in patients with improved results using nordic walking has been published in the Canadian Journal of Cardiology.

It mostly happens that patients having complaints like severe cardiovascular events are generally recommended some cardiovascular rehabilitation exercises and other training programs that are often linked to help them gain their required functional abilities along with mental health and cardiorespiratory fitness.

But the problem arises when some patients quit these exercises like walking and stationary cycling as they find them boring. This mostly happens right after they complete their rehabilitation program.

Due to this, researchers always wanted to have some more appealing exercises and programs that look interesting and not boring in any way.

While performing their research in this way, it indicated that some non-standard exercise interventions like Nordic walking along with introducing some high-intensity interval training are always better to traditional or conventional training programs for enhancing functional capacity among such patients.

It has been found that Nordic walking happens to be somewhat more advanced kind of walking exercise that generally employs poles that are designed to involve muscles in both lower and upper body parts.

Jennifer L. Reed, Ph.D. who’s the lead researcher states, “Patients with coronary artery disease frequently demonstrate diminished functional capacity, low quality of life, and increased the risk of subsequent cardiovascular events and mortality,” he said.

In order to prove the efficiency of this kind of walking exercise, researchers compared the prolonged effects of 12-week rehabilitation with other common programs like high-intensity interval training, moderate-to-vigorous intensity continuous training along with Nordic walking.

The above included a number of depression symptoms in patients with coronary artery disease and on functional capacity, quality of life.

During the entire study, as many as 130 patients were randomized to a 12-week training which was followed by an observation schedule of 14 week.

The results showed that while all other programs improved depression symptoms in patients affected, it improved quite substantially after Nordic walking as compared to some moderate-to-vigorous intensity continuous training and high-intensity interval training.


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