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How to Take Care of Your Eyes After Cataract Surgery

Have you recently gone through cataract surgery? If yes, then you need extra care to better protect your eyes. In this article, we are going to give you a few health tips for your eyes.

It’s because the cataract surgery is very important for your eyes and you need to be extra cautious about smaller particles going into your eyes.

As per DR. Anil Srivastava, Bilaspur CMHO, patients need to take care of their eyes, especially they have undergone cataract surgery.

In most cases, simple eye drops are given depending on the inflammation. Other than that, oral pain relievers like acetaminophen are also given at times.

In most cases, patients don’t have to go through major changes after the operation. And only a small discomfort is there which resides there only for some time.

If you better take care of your eyes by following all the given precautions, you can make full recovery. Follow the below given tips after a cataract surgery:

  • Don’t drive on the very first day of your surgery
  • Don’t go for lifting heavy weights or strenuous exercise for a few weeks
  • Try to avoid bending over to avoid putting extra pressure on your eye immediately after the operation.
  • Don’t vomit or sneeze immediately after the surgery
  • Don’t expose your eyes with dust or wind after a few weeks of surgery

By following all the above tips, you can better manage them and recover quickly.

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