Humanoid Robots: Scientists Craft Living Human Skin On Robots

Humanoid Robots: Although, we hear research news from time to time, this one is going to be quite unique and different where scientists from Japan have crafted living human skin on robots.

In the past, scientists always looked to have breakthrough in making such robots (humanoid robots) that not only look like man but also perform various functions in different service industries.

In order to accomplish the task, they often tried to use biohybrids using artificial and living materials to create robots that look similar to human beings.

Although, research has been initiated, they still need to walk long miles to create robots that look like human beings and performing various functions or tasks given to them.

Robotic Finger is Real like a Human

The new research was first published in the journal Matter where scientists claim to have given robotic finger like structure but also some other functions like self-healing and water-repellent ones.

The first author of the research team named Shoji Takeuchi who hails from the University of Tokyo, Japan says that the first finger they created looks slightly ‘sweaty’ straight out of the culture medium.

The finger is actually driven by an electric motor, it would be quite interesting to listen to the voice of the motor in harmony with a finger that looks as it’s real.

For humanoid robots that have just been created, the sole aim of the scientists is to make them in such a way that they look real. Such robots are being crafted to interact with humans so that they can be used in various service and healthcare industries.

According to the scientists, the crafting skin used to make robotic finger already had enough tensile strength to bear the dynamic movements of the robot.


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