Hundreds of People May Have Polio Virus Infection, New York Health Department

Polio Virus Infection: As per a new disclosure given by the New York Health Department, there is a possibility that hundreds of people can be infected with polio virus.

It all happened after health officials at New York found some additional polio virus cases in waste water samples collected from two countries.

It’s due to the disclosure that they have warned people about the possible polio virus infection.

It’s only 2 weeks ago when NY Health Department reported reported the first polio case after a decade in Rockland County, situated in north of New York City.

The officials maintained the fact that it was detected in an adult who was not previously vaccinated against the virus and even developed paralysis in his legs.

Since then as many as 3 positive polio virus infection samples have been collected from the waste water samples from Rockland County, and 4 others from Orange County.

Please note that polio happens to be a serious and life threatening disease caused due to the attack of polio virus. It’s highly contagious and can spread through those who are aren’t already symptomatic.

It’s been observed that symptoms usually appear after a span of 30 days from the day of exposure. They can even go mild and flu like.

Some people who are infected due to polio virus even become paralyzed or may even die.


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