IMA Cautions Against Overuse of Antibiotics to Contain Rising Flu Cases

Overuse of Antibiotics: The Indian Medical Association (IMA) has cautioned people to remain vigilant against the rising flu cases across India. Due to this, experts have said not to use antibiotics more often.

As per a statement released in this regard, the doctor’s body clarified that people have started taking antibodies on their own mainly to manage fever and similar illnesses. These illness are happening mainly because of seasonal influenza.

ICMR earlier stated that Influenza is basically a subtype of viruses that cause influenza. One of its subtypes include H3N2 which is known to cause Influenza (flu). It’s also the major reasons among people to cause the occurrence of hospitalizations.

This is what Dr Narender Saini, chairman, IMA committee stated, “Infection caused by H3N2 is self-limiting in most cases and people do not need high-end antibiotics to manage the same. But we often come across patients who have taken antibiotics like Azithromycin and Amoxiclav on their own. This is harmful and can cause drug resistance”.

As per an advisory released earlier this week, doctors have warned people not to overuse antibiotics. If they are not sure to use them, they need to see a doctor. But it is not advisable to use antibiotics without doctor’s prescription.


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