India Covid-19 Numbers Drop: Reasons for Daily Decline in Covid-19 Cases

India Covid-19 Numbers Drop: What could be the reason for a daily drop in the number of new coronavirus cases in India?

Before we explain this, you need to look at the stats of different states in the last few days. First look at the Maharashtra state where the new Covid-19 cases witnessed a decline in such cases for quite some time now.

The same is with some other states including Karnataka, Kerala, Uttar Pradesh and Delhi where the number of coronavirus infected new cases are on the verge of a decline.

Now, let’s discuss in depth about India Covid-19 numbers drop as most crucial states are reported to have witnessed a steep decline in the number of fresh Covid-19 infected cases on Sunday. And this data simply ensured the biggest single day drop in the new cases.

As per the update in this regard, states like Chhattisgarh, Delhi, Kerala, Karnataka and Maharashtra showed a steep decline in the number of cases on Sunday.

This resulted in only 3.68 lakh cases on Sunday as compared to 4.01 lakh cases on Friday and 3.92 lakh cases on Saturday.


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While finding the reason of such a decline in the number of new Covid-19 cases, it came out to be due to the lesser number of testing done on Sunday as compared to the weekdays.

As per a report published in Indian Express, it was revealed that only 15 lakh new samples were tested on Sunday. On the normal days, this number is way higher. Lower number of tests done on Sunday is something that doesn’t look surprising at all.

But the impact of this is generally felt on the next working day. It’s mainly because most of the reports generally come on the next day itself. This is the main reason why Sundays generally witness a drop in the number of new infected cases.

But we are unsure how the low testing data will impact on the actual results. We also don’t know if Monday would still see a drop in the new Covid-19 cases in the time to come.

In the recent past, what we have analyzed is that states like Karnataka, Uttar Pradesh, Delhi and Kerala seem to be going on the same path like Maharashtra where the new Covid-19 cases are declining.

Out of these states, Uttar Pradesh happens to be the most crucial one that has seen a sharp rise in the number of new coronavirus infected cases in the recent past.

Coming back to the stats, a total number of 407 causalities were reported this Sunday from Delhi. Please note that Delhi has so far emerged to be the second worst state after Maharashtra that has recorded over 17,000 deaths. On the other hand, Maharashtra recorded 72,000 causalities.

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