Langya Henipa virus Infection Leads to Hospitalization of 35 People

After the outbreak of new Langya Henipa virus infection, at least 35 people had to be admitted in China’s eastern provinces. The infection is thought to be transmitted to them from animals like the shrew.

As per the doctors, the infection developed due to the newly discovered Langya Henipa virus has given symptoms that are almost fatal.

The name Langya is also known as LayV. It was first detected when 35 patients fell ill after developing an infection in China’s eastern provinces.

The virus which can prove fatal has been found to have a history of animal contact. It’s believed to be transmitted from animals to humans.

It’s believed to have been originally transmitted to humans through various creatures like the shrew

Dr Zhu Feng, a famous researcher in China said some patients developed severe symptoms like pneumonia after getting an infection.

“All of them had a fever (that’s why they went to the hospital), most of them had cough or fatigue, but only a few displayed severe symptoms like pneumonia and low platelet counts, but all recovered,” said Dr Feng, a Research Fellow at Duke-NUS Medical School’s Emerging Infectious Diseases Programme.

He further stated that Langya Henipa virus is not as deadly as Nipah or Hendranipavirus as none of the infected died or needed intensive care.

At this time when the researchers have a little knowledge about the virus, they are busy conducting further experiments to know how much of a threat it really is.

Dr Feng added: “We don’t know why and how the transmission of this virus among animals and from animals to humans but we will do the follow-up and also start serological surveys [the study of bodily fluids] in larger areas and beyond China

He said there is no need to become panic as it is not a severe outbreak. But still, there is a need to have an active genomic surveillance.


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