Latest Covid News: New Zealand Announces Plan to Fully Reopen Its Borders

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Latest Covid News: New Zealand is soon going to ease its border restriction in the coming months and will reopen its borders globally.

The country had since been maintaining strict rules and guidelines for anyone who enters the country for any reason.

In the latest development to ease strict border controls along with a plethora of quarantine rules, the country has maintained a 5 stage plan as announced by New Zealand prime minister on Thursday.

After the decision, the country will reopen its borders to travelers from abroad over the next nine months.


Latest Covid News: New Zealand Announces Plans to Fully Reopen Its Borders

The citizens of New Zealand who are presently in Australia will now be able to return home after this decision taken by their government.

The above decision was taken by the prime minister Jacinda Ardern while addressing the media at a news conference.

This is what she stated, “Families and friends need to reunite, our businesses need skills to grow. Exporters need to travel to make new connections. It’s time to move again.”

As per the latest covid news, New Zealand citizens who are currently in Australia and want to return back home will be allowed to do so only if they have been administered two doses of COVID-19 vaccine.

To felicitate them, the country will reopen its borders on March 13 who want to arrive in the country from elsewhere in the world.

Even after their return from Australia or any other country, such people will be required to isolate at home. The length or period of their isolation will be as per the “close contact” policy at the time of their arrival.

Those New Zealanders who are still not been vaccinated need to spend more time in quarantine. Meanwhile, the government is taking care of all the facilities designed for that purpose.


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