Home News Latest Research Says IVF Linked to Maternal Morbidity

Latest Research Says IVF Linked to Maternal Morbidity

Latest Research Says IVF Linked to Maternal Morbidity

IVF Linked to Maternal Morbidity: As per a recent Korean study, attaining pregnancy through IVF (in vitro fertilization) can lead to increase the risk of severe maternal morbidity.

The above can happen both in the cases of singleton or multiple pregnancies.

The above study was conducted at Korea’s National Health Insurance Service National Delivery Cohort where they carried out an analysis on over 269,930 women who had given birth previously in 2018.

The main cause of having morbidity was analyzed with the help of an algorithm from the United States’ Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

The case of severe morbidity was found after childbirth of 6,333 women which yielded an incidence rate of 2.3%. These complications also included conditions like acute renal failure and eclampsia.


IVF Linked to Maternal Morbidity

Some interventions resulted after the above complications like hysterectomy or blood transfusion were also studied alongside.

Researchers conducted Modified Poisson regression analysis which helped them found that in vitro fertilization increased the risk of severe maternal morbidity by over 50 percent (risk ratio [RR], 1.51, 95 percent confidence interval [CI], 1.36–1.68) as compared with fertile controls.

The researchers added that further studies identifying some specific facors including patients and treatment. It looked as if both these factors try to mitigate or prevent adverse maternal health risks.

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