Legionnaires’ Disease: Fifth Confirmed Case of Legionnaires Infection Found In A Guest At Waikiki Hotel

Legionnaires’ Disease: As per the latest Health news, a 5th case of Legionnaires’ disease has been confirmed in Waikiki hotel.

The suspected case was confirmed by the state health department officials in a guest who stayed at the Grand Islander by Hilton Grand Vacations.

The individual who stayed at the hotel was not found a resident of Hawaii. He was their for a vacation. The case was confirmed on May 23 and the person was residing at the hotel from April 35.

“DOH continues to work to ensure that the Grand Islander takes action to remediate the building and other possible sources of exposure,” said State Epidemiologist Dr. Sarah Kemble in the release. “Individuals who stay at the Grand Islander should keep these recent cases in mind, and if they have flu-like symptoms following a stay at the hotel, should seek medical care immediately.” it said.

As per the health officials the first case of Legionnaires’ disease was detected in the month of June. And since then four more cases have been detected.

“The Grand Islander continues to work with DOH to ensure that the building is remediated. Mitigation measures include installing point-of-use filters in guest room showers,” this is what the press release said.

Please note that Legionnaires’ disease happens to be a kind of pneumonia which is caused by a bacteria named Legionella bacteria. Although, the disease is not spread from person to person, it can be caused by the exposure to Legionella bacteria.


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Legionnaires’ Disease: Fifth Confirmed Case of Legionnaires Infection Found In A Guest At Waikiki Hotel

The treatment is done with the help of antibiotics. As per the research done in this regard, Legionella bacteria are found mainly in the warm fresh water.

They can well proliferate and have the capability to spread in the water environment including plumbing systems, hot tubs, cooling towers, sink faucets, and showerheads.

As per reports, most people who are exposed to Legionella bacteria don’t generally develop Legionella disease. But people over 50 years of age are at increased risk of developing the disease.

Some other people having a history of smoking, weakened immune system, cancer, chronic lung disease or any other such condition have a higher chance of developing Legionella disease.

Most people have symptoms like influenza and generally include other symptoms like headache, muscle aches, fever, shortness of breath, and cough.

In order to prevent the spread of the disease, the state health department officials have urged guests who stayed at the Grand Islander and developed any of the above symptoms that are consistent with Legionella infection need to seek immediate medical attention.


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