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Lifestyle Changes & Weight Management Play A Vital Role to Delay Obesity

Weight Management: Obesity has long been defined as a condition which can prove dearly if not addressed in time. For example, obesity (if not controlled) can lead to conditions impacting your heart and brain. In short, it can rupture your general health.

Over the time, there has been a long debate to control obesity. One of the ways recommended by experts is by making lifestyle changes and weight management.


Lifestyle Changes & Weight Management Play A Vital Role to Delay Obesity

Dr. Pradeep Chowbey who heads the Max Institute of Laparoscopic, Endoscopic, Bariatric Surgery at Max hospital has discussed the impact of obesity on the health of individuals. He has specifically stressed the use of weight management in his briefing.

This is what he said, “Weight management can play a role in delaying the obesity epidemic, lifestyle change is important and coupled with the right medical interventions, it can effectively increase the quality of life for patients”.

As per National Family Health Survey conducted during 2019-21, as many as 23% Indians have found to be obese. Due to this, they tend to suffer from multiple health conditions.

According to WHO, too much body fat tends to enhance the risk of non-communicable diseases which include lung conditions, heart issues, type-2 diabetes and up to 13 types of cancer.

On the occasion of World Obesity Day 2023, the focus was more on various topics including the changing perspectives, avoiding shame and minimizing efforts to basically address obesity

As per Dr. Banshi Saboo, President, All India Association for Advancing Research in Obesity, “A preventive, multi- sectoral approach starting right from school and further creating relevant awareness is the need of the hour as far as obesity is concerned”.

According to research, both diabetes and obesity rates have increased which tend to pose enhanced mortality rates among patients.


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