Make Your Dog a DIY Thundershirt for July Fourth’s Fireworks

fourth of July fireworks

Fourth of July fireworks: The upcoming holiday on July fourth can become pleasant to your dog as you can enjoy the celebration this summer.

For example, if your pup actually reacts to the some fireworks, it can make your holiday a fraught time, you can help them.

For example, if you find that your dog is suffering from any kind of anxiety due to Fourth of July fireworks, and you don’t have enough time to buy a Thundershirt, then you simply go for a DIY Thundershirt instead.

It’s noticed that some dog owners and pups have issues with thunderstorms or separation anxiety need to go ahead and try to invest in a Thundershirt.

In case, you feel that you can’t buy the one by July 4th, you can easily go with a DIY. All you require is an Ace bandage.


Take a look how to use it:

  • Simply, hold the ace bandage and align the center with the front of your dog’s chest
  • Place the bandage on the chest of your dog. Next, pull the fabric backward and then try to crisscross it over their shoulders
  • Next, bring down the remaining piece of fabric and simply crisscross it under its belly
  • Lastly, bring down the fabric under its belly and tie with the help of the remaining fabric

So, if you are really concerned about the behavior of your dog during this year’s Fourth of July weekend, you need to grab that ace bandage. But for the next year, try to snag a Thundershirt instead.


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