Mediterranean Diet Benefits: How Mediterranean Diet Can Become the Healthiest Choice In 2023

This document will help you to reap Mediterranean Diet benefits in optimum ways. But first, you should know what this is all about so that you can implement it in the coming days to rap maximum benefits out of it.

A Mediterranean diet basically comprises plant based foods that includes fruits and vegetables. The diet also includes whole grains, lean poultry, seafood, nuts, and beans.

Now, if you are thinking to make your New Year Resolution by maintaining a healthy diet, then nothing better than implementing such a diet.

It’s because you can have so many Mediterranean diet benefits to help you stay healthy at all times. In fact, people have been following and are getting depend on Mediterranean diet which is quite easy.

By following such a diet in the future, you can maintain a balance of what you eat along with nutrition.

What is the Mediterranean diet?

A Mediterranean diet basically focuses to consume more vegetables, fruits, beans, whole grains, fish and more. It mainly follows a tradition followed by 21 countries including Monaco, Turkey, Lebanon, Croatia, Italy, and Greece.

The diet mainly comprises plant based foods like vegetables and fruits and also includes some other foods as mentioned above.

The original research in this regard has been published by published in the Iranian Journal of Public Health and titled “The Mediterranean Diet: A History of Health”.

The diet is linked to the eating patterns of people who followed it religiously in the Middle Ages. It therefore is known to have followed by ancient Roman civilization.

One famous divine of people who reaped Mediterranean diet benefits include Greek people. They include various elements in their diet like bread, wine and oil products which is supplemented with vegetables (leeks, mallow, lettuce, chicory, mushrooms), little meat, sheep cheese, coupled with fish and seafood.


How does the Mediterranean Diet Works?

As we mentioned above, the diet basically serves you with food items like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, legumes, spices and herbs on  a daily basis. This is coupled with seafood and fish which can be eaten twice a week.

It further includes yoghurt, cheese, eggs, poultry, and more consumed in moderation.

Some occasional treats can be like red meat and sweets along with an occasional glass of wine.


Mediterranean Diet Benefits

The diet works by giving you all the necessary calories in optimal amounts. In short, it follows an effective approach as it reduces the risk of any heart disease or cancer by promoting the overall quality of life.

It was Seven Countries Study (SCS) where the mediterranean diet benefits were published.

The above study mainly demonstrated that the fat types (polyunsaturated, monosaturated or saturated) quite more to take care of your cardiovascular health as compared to your total intake of fat.

For example, if the fat you are taking is an unsaturated fat, then even a 40% of total calories of fat can be good for your heart.

The main reason why more and more people are able to adopt Mediterranean diet is because it can be so easy to do that without compromising your overall health.

Can you lose weight on the Mediterranean Diet?

Please note that you can easily lose weight by following the Can Mediterranean diet plan. But to achieve the best results, you need to take wise choices along with paying attention to the serving sizes.

For example, you should avoid overdoing nuts, whole grains, olive oil and cheese.

The research carried out in this regard says that a Mediterranean diet is easy to follow for a longer period of time.


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