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Monkeypox Cases Surpass 70,000 Globally, WHO Says

Monkeypox cases worldwide have surpassed the 70,000 mark, as revealed by WHO (World Health Organization).

It was on Wednesday when WHO notified that the present decline in the number of new Monkeypox cases doesn’t mean that people should dump their guard.

As per WHO, the number of cases last week as noted down were on the rise in many countries like Americas.

Due to the above, it was sensed that a slowdown in the Monkeypox cases globally “most dangerous” time in the outbreak.

Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, WHO chief stated that over 70,000 Monkeypox cases worldwide have now been reported to the agency in 2022 with 26 causalities.


Monkeypox Cases Surpass 70,000 Globally: WHO

This is what he told at a press conference, “Globally, cases are continuing to decline, but 21 countries in the past week reported an increase in cases, mostly in the Americas, which accounted for almost 90 percent of all cases reported last week,” he stated.

“A declining outbreak can be the most dangerous outbreak, because it can tempt us to think that the crisis is over, and to let down our guard,” he added.

While speaking with the media, the WHO chief said they have been working with many countries to help them improve their testing capacity to handle the disease.

“We are concerned about reports of cases in Sudan, including in refugee camps near the border with Ethiopia,” Tedros added.

He continued saying that just like COVID-19, monkeypox has also emerged as a public health emergency.

It was in the month of May when a surge in the monkeypox cases were first reported among men who had sex with men. It developed in some African countries where the condition was long seen endemic.

The main symptoms of Monkeypox include skin lesions, muscular aches and fever.



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