Monkeypox In Chicago: A Total of 10 Cases Identified So Far

The Illinois Department of Public Health stated that they identified as many as 10 cases in the state so far.


Monkeypox is actually taking a weird look in the US as the country has been witnessing a steep rise in the total number of cases. Amid warnings, two more cases in Chicago have been detected in Chicago.

It was on Thursday when the state health department of Chicago identified a total of 10 cases in the state. They identified 9 cases in Chicago and 1 in DuPage.

So far, 8 cases have been confirmed by CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention). The officials are currently working hard to spot those who are suspected to have been exposed in the latest cases.

A few days back, health officials in Chicago had given warnings to stay away from large gatherings as this might be risky. In spite of all that, the tally of the total number of cases continues to rise. Earlier this week, as many as 8 cases of monkeypox were reported.

Well, if you look at the current figures, the US has so far reported as many as 84 cases of monkeypox virus across 19 states along with District of Columbia. With these figures, the country has become center of monkeypox outbreak.

As per  World Health Organization (WHO), monkeypox is rare. It’s a viral disease that starts with a flu like symptoms along with swelling in the lymph nodes. Further, the symptoms go a long way and progresses to a rash on the entire body and face.

As per health officials, monkeypox was first detected in the year 1970 in Africa and most commonly found in the central and western population of the continent.

As the number of cases continue to rise at an alarming level, CDC is put on high alert. Health officials are also looking forward to identify cases that are not typically reported as monkeypox.


WHO To Change Monkeypox Virus Name Due to Stigma & Racism

Monkeypox In Chicago: Not All Cases Have Been Among Men

On Thursday, CDC issued some new guidelines to the general public. They will be able to know how to identify monkeypox during the current outbreak. These guidelines have been issued after observing several cases of across many US states.

If you look at Monkeypox in Chicago, the state health department stated that 7 cases involved those who recently traveled to Europe. And so, the first two cases were appeared to be connected with each other.

Another report suggests that as many as 95% cases that are being reported from different parts of the country include LGBTQ individuals.

These individuals are from the community of men having sex with men. But now, it has been analyzed which suggests that monkeypox virus is not just limited to that community only and not all monkeypox cases in Chicago have been among men.





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