Monkeypox Prevention: Infected People Urged to Stay Away from Pets to Protect Them from Monkeypox

As an initiative towards Monkeypox prevention, infected people are being urged to stay away from their pets as there are chances that virus could transmit from them to humans.



As there are several cases of monkeypox transmission from animals to humans, there is a need for people to make aware of best practices to stop this menace.

The infection of this virus can be transmitted to humans through the bite or direct contact with animals like their blood, lesions, body fluids, and more.

Since there are no reported cases of monkeypox virus in pets, still there is a possibility of transmission of this virus from humans to animals.

It happened on Monday, May 23, 2022 when European Centre for Disease Control (ECDC) simply warned people to stay away from exposure to pets. It’s because all these measures would somewhere help the disease to transmit to wildlife and spreading further.

This is what ECDC stated in a statement released, “If human-to-animal transmission occurs, and the virus spreads in an animal population, there is a risk that the disease could become endemic,” it said.

“Rodents, and particularly species of the family of Sciuridae (squirrels) are likely to be suitable hosts, more so than humans, and transmission from humans to (pet) animals is theoretically possible.”


Monkeypox Prevention: Infected People Urged to Stay Away from Pets to Protect Them from Monkeypox

Although, the probability of this to happen seems quite low, people need to know about monkeypox prevention by undergoing all the good practices.

As per a research done in this regard, monkeypox virus was first spotted in animals like squirrels, mice and rats. But there are no cases if any other animal can harbor this virus.

And so, ECDC has urged people not to come in contact with their pets. In any such cases or if in doubt, they need to contact animal health services for proper advice.

“As such, there needs to be a close intersectoral collaboration between human and veterinary public health authorities to manage exposed pets and prevent the disease from being transmitted to wildlife,” ECDC said.

If a person is infected with monkeypox, then some of the early symptoms that arise include swollen lymph nodes, aching muscles, headaches, and fever.

There are up to 100 confirmed cases of monkeypox so far along with 200 other suspected cases. The outbreak is yet to reach New Zealand.


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