Monkeypox Virus Infection: Europe’s Red Alert, Nations Told to Prepare Vaccine Strategies

In lieu of the Monkeypox virus infection, various European countries are to be put on high alert.

The monkeypox outbreak can’t be taken lightly and there should be a plan ready to handle this unexpected and spiraling monkeypox outbreak.

Due to this outbreak, Denmark has become the first country to have been struck down.

In order to handle the above menace, the EU authorities are expected to publish the most viable risk management plan. It will attract all other EU countries to prepare a working strategy to control the spread of this virus.


Monkeypox Virus Infection: Europe’s Red Alert, Nations Told to Prepare Vaccine Strategies

Today, we have no specific vaccine available to handle the menace of mokeypox virus.

And we have vaccine only against smallpox that was often given to Brits. But that was given almost 4 decades ago until the virus eradicated. It was 58% effective.

The strategy to handle the Monkeypox virus infection is going to be the same which was earlier deployed in Britain.

The first and the foremost strategy will be to vaccinate all close contacts of the so far confirmed cases of monkeypox including some health workers.

The strategy to handle the monkeypox virus infection is going to be called as ring vaccination which will involve both jabbing and monitoring anyone who comes in contact with an infected person.

This will obviously create a buffer of immune people so as to limit the spread of the virus.

The rising cases of Monkeypox has warned nations that if the situation remains like this, there can be restrictions in travelling.

This will be done mainly to contain the spread of the virus, especially in a condition where World Health Organization (WHO) declares the outbreak an emergency.

The vaccine named Imvanex is actually made by Denmark is not so far being recommended to use for the masses. It’s made by Denmark-based drug-maker Bavarian Nordic.

As per the latest information, Imvanex is still not authorized for use against monkeypox in countries like the UK or Europe.

In the meanwhile, it’s learnt that the EU medicine agency has approved the jab for use against smallpox in the year 2013. Even then, the US Food and Drug Administration simply refused to recommend injections in the year 2019.

As of now, nobody is sure how safe this drug is for those who are immunocompromised or even in youngsters who are at the highest risk of monkeypox at this time.

The latest report submitted by WHO has confirmed 92 cases by Saturday (May 22, 2022) along with 28 suspected infections. Most of these infections and confirmed cases have been detected in Europe so far.

It’s recommended that people need not to believe on the official figures as the true picture will be quite dreaded.

It’s because the actual toll due to monkeypox cases will be much higher. The report also suggests that a disproportionate number of monkeypox cases are in bisexual and gay men.


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