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mRNA COVID-19 Vaccines Can Cause Sudden Cardiac Deaths: Warns Expert, Calls For Its Withdrawal From Market

A number of researches are already being conducted to know how COVID-19 vaccines behave on human body.

Now, as per the recent development in this regard, it has co

e to the fact that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are responsible to cause sudden cardiac deaths.



As per the latest COVID News, a clinical scientist and researcher from Louisiana has stated that he has undergone a plethora of autopsy studies to find that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines can cause sudden cardiac deaths.

In other words, these vaccines are responsible to create a serious and adverse effect in people. Joseph Fraiman who hails from Louisiana posted a video to clarify his findings.

He was a lead author and a clinical researcher who himself re-analyzed Moderna and Pfizer trials for for mRNA COVID-19 vaccine. In the video, he can be heard stating that all mRNA induced COVID-19 vaccines can prove a threat to people.

He also found out that such vaccines can pose a serious and adverse effect due to the administration of such vaccines at a rate of one in 800. Take a look at the video below:

Fraiman further stated that he has already conducted a plethora of autopsy studies according to which he has come to the conclusion that all mRNA COVID-19 vaccines are currently inducing sudden cardiac deaths.

This is what he added, “I believe the mRNA vaccines need to be withdrawn from the market until new randomized control trials can clearly demonstrate the benefits of the vaccine outweigh the serious harm we now know vaccines are causing.” he said.

What Are mRNA COVID Vaccines?

Moderna or Pfizer-BioNTech basically falls under the Messenger RNA (mRNA) vaccine category. These vaccines work in such a way to trigger an immune response with an inactivated virus or germ.

In simpler terms, mRNA Covid vaccines mainly employee genetically engineered mRNA to instruct cells how to produce S Protein present on the surface of the COVID-19 virus.

How It Works?

After you get vaccinated with an mRNA COVID-19 vaccine, it gets injected into your muscles. And due to this, your muscle cells start making S protein and even display them on the surface of cells.

And this is how antibodies against the virus are produced. It all happens that if you become infected with COVID-19 virus at a later stage, these antibodies tend to protect you and fight against the virus.


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