Multiple Heart Related Conditions Linked To Triple Dementia Risk

Multiple Heart Related Conditions: As per a new study conducted to know the reason why most people develop dementia, especially when they are diagnosed with multiple heart related conditions including diabetes, heart attack, stroke or a combination of any three.

The research conducted by specialists after they invited participants who were aged 60 or above.

The data showed that as many as 2 lakh people developed the tendency of dementia when they had issues like multiple heart related conditions during the course of their lives.

The researchers also found that more of any of the above conditions a person had, the higher the risk of developing dementia.

Likewise, those having all the three conditions together were prone to be three times more likely to develop dementia.

Please note that in the present scenario, dementia happens to be a major problem among old age adults that predicts 135 million people will be suffering from this condition by 2050.

Earlier, many experts looked only at one medical condition to be the cause of dementia. But this is not the case as there can be more than one condition that leads to the above condition.

This is why people who are suffering from stroke, diabetes or heart attack can easily develop the condition of dementia at a later stage. In order to help them out, there is a constant need to check if they are actually getting the right treatment.

The researchers team even divided a group of 2 lakh people and came to know that most damage to the brain was from those who developed multiple heart related conditions. As per a study, the high genetic risk was found to be linked to a certain level of deterioration only in some specific parts of brain.


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What’s Good For Your Heart Is Good For Your Brain

The research concluded that if you are able to protect your heart, it will give you some significant benefits to protect your brain. In order to boost your heart health, simply go for regular exercise, take a healthy and nutritious diet.

The findings of the research indicate that a person’s risk of developing a condition like dementia is a complex mix of his genes, age and his lifestyle.


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